How to export directly to HTML from Clarify without uploading to

I was attempting to export to dropbox and I accidentally choose the wrong folder. But I notice that Clarify successfully exported my HTML to a non dropbox folder. So then I went back and put in a fake dropbox User ID and Clarify still successfully exported my HTML to a local folder.

So it appears if you just pretend the Share menu says HTML where you see DropBox. You will have the export to HTML feature built right in.

Open Preferences from within Clarify

1. Click on the + (add) account button.

Select Dropbox. Even if you don’t have a drop box account just select dropbox.

2. Click the Select Folder button. The “Tip” tells you to select the dropbox public folder. You can select ANY folder. I just made a folder called Clarify-HTML. This is where my HTML exports are going to be saved.

3. Just type any number for the User ID.

What we have done is told Clarify to export to a normal folder that is not under dropbox and we made a fake User ID. The funny thing is Clarify does not care.

Now when you choose Share | Dropbox your Clarify document will be exported to your specified folder. It will even tell you “Export Successful”.

Take a look at your export folder and you will see your HTLM Clarify documents.

If you press the Copy URL button you will get something like this.

If you trim off the dropbox url to the fake User ID leaving one forward slash. You will have a valid url to paste into your browser.


Which on my machine opens this document locally.


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