SpinRite 6.0 works even when it doesn’t!

A coworker brought in a dead drive.  We could recover the photos but only with a signature scan where the filenames and directory structures were lost.  I told him about the wonders of SpinRite 6.0 and we agreed to run it over the weekend.

Around 4:30pm I went to his desk and he was gone for the day but the drive was still sitting there.  I decided to take the drive home and see what SpinRite could do.  I started a level 2 scan with SpinRite Friday night and before bed it was at .27%.  I checked in the morning and it was at .27%.  I checked again Saturday night, Sunday morning and Sunday night it was still at .27%.    Disheartened I took the drive to work and put it back on his desk before he arrived so I did not have to tell him what happened.

Later that day he came into my office and told me his photo restore worked.  I said it was too bad he lost the filenames and directory structures.  He said no! The restore got everything the photos, the filenames and directory structures. It was a miracle!

 I’ll never doubt SpinRite again, because it works even when it doesn’t.  ha ha!
SpinRite 6.0

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