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The Alzo 85 Watt CFL bulb is so huge it won’t fit in most reflectors or clamp lamps.  I had been using 27 Watt CFLs for my photo light box but I was looking to brighten it up.  I ran across some references to the Alzo 85 Watt CFL bulb and it sounded like a good solution.  One bulb outputs 4250 lumens compared to the 1750 lumens my current 27 Watt CFLs were outputting.  The 85 watt is a oversized bulb with a giant base and huge CFL tube.   But I had no idea how big they were until I opened the box.  They are freaking huge compared to the standard 27 Watt CFLs.


The Alzo 85 is so big it would not even fit into my 8.5″clamp lamp.  Holding the 8.5″ reflector next to the Alzo 85 showed it was not even worth trying to make work.  So I ordered the larger Bayco 10.5″ clamp lamp and when it arrived I found the Alzo 85 would not thread in.  The base was just too wide on the lamp.  Even if I could thread it in the reflector would be a good 6″ away from the CFL tube making the reflector almost useless.

I decided to modify the Bayco 10.5″ camp lamp by cutting out a 9cm hole which would allow it to slide on the base of the Alzo 85 lamp.  So the reflector will be mounted to the base of the bulb as close to the CFL as possible to provide the most reflection.

DISCLAIMER: Build and use the DIY Reflector own risk. I will not be responsible or liable for any damages to your reflector, camera, any injury, burning down your house or financial losses should you choose to follow these instructions.  You agree to these terms if you choose to proceed.

First we must disassemble the Bayco clamp lamp.  Make sure the lamp is unplugged from the power outlet. Remove all the metal wire pieces and unscrew the ceramic base.  Draw two lines with a sharpie about 60 degrees apart on the base.  Go from the opening down to where it starts widening.  Put on some protective gloves and eyewear.   Cut the reflector along those lines with the tool of your choice.


Warning the edges may be very sharp wear protection.  Once cut, bend that section out and removed the ceramic socket.


Print out the 9cm Giant CFL Bulb Reflector Template.  Cut out the square then cut out the circle.  The circle will be our 9cm template.


Place it on the back of the reflector and using a sharpie trace the circle.   Remove the template, put on some protective gloves and eyewear.  Cut the reflector along the 9cm circle the tool of your choice.    I used a Gyros variable speed rotary tool.  Warning the edges may be very sharp wear protection.


Using sandpaper or a file clean up the edges that were just cut on the reflector.  Be careful not to be cut by these sharp edges.

Now we can put the bulb and reflector together.  Only hold the Alzo bulb by the base!  Never hold the CFL tube.  The CFL tube is too large for the 9cm hole we made in the Reflector.  So slide the reflector on to the Alzo 85 watt bulb from the bottom.  It may be a tight fit be careful.  You may need to make the 9cm hole larger or rounder to get it to slide on.  Slide the reflector all the way up the Alzo bulb base going just above the green vent section.  Use a few spots of hot glue to attach the reflector to the Alzo bulb base.


Now you have a Alzo 85 watt bulb with a built in 10.5″ reflector.


The clamp lamp base works great for hanging the light from overhead.  If the clamp lamp is not strong enough to hold the Alzo 85 watt bulb in the positions you need you could use almost any AC socket like this CowboyStudio AC Socket & Cord Set and Light Stand Mount.

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  1. Reply Deanimator Feb 7,2018 7:50 am

    I took an easier (and probably safer) and instead of using a clamp lamp reflector, I used a large plastic flower pot from a home store.

    The pots are cheap, and as important, easier to drill and cut than metal.

    I bought black ones and lined them with foil heating duct tape. I use the 300w equivalent CFLs and (with a DIY light tent) they’re excellent lamps for my still lifes.

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