One Hand Bed Leveling – MakerFarm Prusa i3 Captive Nuts

I finished building my MakerFarm prusa i3 last night.  While calibrating the printer I started getting annoyed with the bed leveling.  Every adjustment required  an allen wrench on the top and a wrench on the bottom.  This was ok for the front two adjustments but the rear two were almost impossible due to the MakerFarm frames limited space.  If could keep the bottom nut from spinning it would make bed leveling twice as easy.  My idea was to create a captive nut corner bracket.  The problem was I had design in my head but no experience in creating 3d objects.  I have never felt comfortable with drawing or design programs so I knew I would have a hard time with 3d CAD.  Then I stumbled across OpenSCAD it looked perfect, it is programming language to draw 3d objects.  To make my design it only took a few lines of code that I cut and pasted.  I posted it on Thingiverse and you can download my scad and stl files for One Hand Bed Leveling.

OneHandBedLevelingTopDown OneHandBedLevelingParts

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