Misumi USA: They are real serious about linear motion 2

Like many makers I took Misumi USA up on the $150 rebate for new customers earlier this year.  I ordered enough 2020 extrusions and smooth rods to build two RepRap Wilson TS 3D Printers.  When the large box arrived I was totally amazed at the care they took in packaging my order.  I am building a reprap but they must think I am building a space shuttle.

I opened the box and found air pillows, but not the crappy kind you get in a Amazon order.  But real heavy duty air pillows.  Not one of them was soft, flat or empty.


Under the air pillow blanket I found my order.  There were 4 boxes of linear smooth rods and 4 bundles of extrusion.   Each box had a barcode and part number which included the rod length. 03-moreboxes

I opened one of the boxes and found more packaging material.  The dreaded peanut.


Digging into the peanuts I found my 2 rods wrapped in foam and taped shut.


Removing the tape and foam finally exposed what I was looking for.  My 8mm x 320mm smooth rod safely packaged in a heavy duty sealed bag with a seam in the middle so the rods would not touch.


Wow that is some serious packaging.  As you can see Misumi really cares about your project and it does not matter if it is a reprap printer or the space shuttle, they want to make sure you get the best parts in perfect form.

The custom cut 2020 extrusions I ordered came neatly bundled and labeled.  But since they are not for motion they did not have the extreme packaging my rods did.


Here is a shot of my 210 x 210 reprap Wilson TS that I am building with all the Misumi parts.


I think Misumi USA did a great thing with it’s $150 new customer deal earlier this year.  I expect a lot of makers have seen the level of quality Misumi USA can deliver.  I really like that they can customize almost anything.  Which is great if you don’t have a machine shop.  All my extrusions and smooth rods were cut to my specifications.  No more hacksawing in the garage for me.  I’ll be ordering from Misumi USA.

2 thoughts on “Misumi USA: They are real serious about linear motion

  1. Reply Martin Oct 2,2014 1:50 am

    Can you supply the part numbers (and sizes) from your Misumi order?

    • Reply admin Dec 11,2016 12:53 am

      SFJ8-380 LINEAR SHAFT 2
      SFJ8-415 LINEAR SHAFT 2
      SFJ8-350 LINEAR SHAFT 2
      SFJ8-470 LINEAR SHAFT 2
      HFSB5-2020-415 ALUMINUM FRAME 4
      HFSB5-2020-320 ALUMINUM FRAME 2
      HFSB5-2020-400 ALUMINUM FRAME 4
      GBN8522GT-60 BELT 1
      HFSB5-2020-410 ALUMINUM FRAME 2

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