The ultimate automation all-in-one Arduino, WiFi, touch screen, relays, audio, EEprom, PLC, IoT, realtime clock and more, fully integrated in a custom case for a ridiculously low price.

I have several automation project to complete this year. During my research I ran across the Open Source WiFi PLC.  It sounded too good to be true.  This one device has all the functionality I need to complete each of my IoT projects.

The Open Source WiFi PLC is the jack of all trades when it comes to many IoT projects.  It has a ton of features integrated into a great looking custom housing that will save you time and money on your next project.  With a price of $89.00 including free prime shipping it is a steal.

Arduino all-in-one automation solution

Open Source WiFi PLC cost vs DIY Arduino for automation cost

I had the feeling that trying to duplicate the functionality of the Open Source WiFi PLC with a DIY build of Arduino shields and add-ons would cost more then the $89.00 price tag of the Open Source WiFi PLC.

Here is a chart listing the major features of the Open Source WiFi PLC and the cost of the corresponding Arduino & add-ons for a DIY build.  It it cheaper to build or buy?

Open Source WiFi PLC Integrated Features


Product required to replicate feature in a DIY Ardunio project


Arduino Mega 2560 Microcontroller Included $18.95
2.4” Touch Screen & SD reader Included $23.99
ESP8266 Included
Note the Open Source WiFi PLC ESP8266 has been upgraded from 2MB flash to 16MB flash
External WiFi Antenna Included $8.99
Realtime clock with battery Included $5.00
6 High Power Relays Included $10.39*
could not find a 6 relay module so choose 4 to keep costs down
4GB mico-SD card Included $6.20
32K EEprom Included $8.53
1W audio amplifier and speaker Included $17.74* with shipping
Project Housing Included $11.22
Total Cost of Open Source WiFi PLC Total Cost of DIY Arduino parts only $120.14

The completely assembled and integrated Open Source WiFi PLC is $31.14 cheaper then buying Arduino shields and add-ons.  I can not even imagine the time and effort to it would take to assemble and integrate the DIY shields and add-ons.  Then once that is done the time to find, download and troubleshoot all the sketches and drivers.  On the other hand the demo sketch included with the Open Source WiFi PLC utilizes all of the feature of the touch screen, audio, WiFi, relays and more.  Just having running example code that is fully integrated makes “Hello World!” a walk in the park.

If you have an IoT, automation or PLC project that requires power relays, touch screen, input (a/d), output (a/d), audio or WiFi the Open Source WiFi PLC is the best way to get your project up and running fast while saving money at the same time.

Just a few notes regarding ordering:

I don’t recommend ordering from the website for two reasons.  One they list different prices for the same product.  I found prices of $169.00, $139.00 and $89.00 depending on the page which was very confusing.  I did notify Digital Loggers about the discrepancy.  They confirmed all the devices were the same and I should just order from the $89.00 page.  If you are an Amazon Prime member the real reason not to order from them is the $9.55 shipping charge.  When you click to order you will be redirected to Amazon to pay and you will be charged $9.55 shipping even if you are an Amazon Prime member.

But if you are an Amazon Prime member and use this link Open Source WiFi PLC  you will get free shipping so the total cost is $89.00.


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